Welcome to the F1 Project page! The starting point of this project was the realization that existing networks are inherently vulnerable because they are designed to be flexible. So, the question is, if we don't care about flexibility, can we build an extremely secure network? The answer is YES!

F1 - the Secure Network

F1 is a new network designed for applications that need extremely secure and extremely reliable networks. F1 works over the internet, and can be integrated without any modifications to existing networks.

F1 is built on new principles that make it secure by design. For example, it has no administrators, which means that remote access (or any access) is impossible. Other principles make F1 immune to denial of service attacks and reverse engineering attacks.

F1 is implemented using Formal, which is a new method for writing software. This method was invented specifically for F1. It yields code that is so reliable it requires no testing. Thanks to Formal, it is almost impossible to break into F1 via software exploits.

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